Elmo Photo Invitations

The secret behind a hit birthday party is creativity and entertainment. This easy-to-guide seeks to help you out, because this will teach you some tricks to make your kid’s birthday party very interesting. This guide speaks of Elmo photo invitations, a modified and interesting invitation card with Elmo theme. Elmo is a famous cartoon character, a favorite of many kids, with red fur and big eyes, and always smiling.

To start with, you can draw hundreds of moods on your invitation cards, but keep the traditional red color same. If you are expecting a small number of guests, then handmade Elmo invitations are good. Add a picture of your kid along with other essential details of the party on your Elmo photo invitations.

Below we are some tips to surprise your guests at your kid’s birthday party.

  • Divide the birthday party into sections, such as “Pool Time” or “Dance Time” and name and identify those categories in your Elmo photo invitations.
  • Organize a small indoor game to make things more interesting. This way, all your guests will feel involved in party.
  • Do add a picture of your son/daughter along with smiling Elmo.
  • Get your Elmo photo invitations ready around 3-4 months before the birthday party to insure that they reach the desired ones.
  • Maintain a checklist of the party preparations so that you should not miss any essential item.
  • To avoid the rush, do order a birthday cake and other foods at least one week before the party.
  • That little army of cute kids will attack your bathroom a lot so be prepared that room, too.
  • Arranging an entertainer will take your birthday party to a new excitement.
  • Do choose party music carefully for each of the event you are planning to organize.
  • Use balloons and colorful ribbons to decorate the party hall, as kids are crazy for balloons.
  • Always keep in mind to arrange an extra of everything as some unexpected guests might come around. To avoid that embarrassment do order extra treats.
  • All your guests might not able to come at the exact time so arrange some game or events for others.

If you are keeping these points in mind, then the party will turn out to be a hit. As mentioned above, entertainment is the key factor for a good party; hence, do try different party themes. There are many themes you can choose from such as Winter party, sweet 16 party, Hollywood star, mystery party, movie theme party, pirate party, surprise party, dance party, hotel party, princess party, spa party, shopping mall party, cooking baking party and many others. Whatever you choose, write it down on your Elmo invitation cards. Finally, be kind to everyone, and save big energy for this big day so you can leave unforgettable memories to your kid and his friends.