Elmo Invitations

Who’s that favorite little red monster from Sesame Street everybody loves? You must have been watching all the wrong television programs during your childhood if you don’t know Elmo. Kids love Elmo; his big eyes, huge smile and his signature red fur and if you are thinking of having an Elmo themed birthday party, Elmo invitations and Elmo Birthday Party Ideas will surely cheer and get any kid excited!

Making your own custom Elmo invitations is a great idea where you can enjoy art and craft or just want to save a bit of money. In some cases, you are going to get a better result if you make the invitations yourself. They will be more personal and a lot more love and care will have gone into making them. Well made Elmo invitations are something that the birthday boy or girl and all their guests will definitely love and make for a memorable birthday party.

The first thing you need to do when making personalized Elmo invitations is to leave enough room on the template to include all of the important information. This includes things like the time and location of the party, the RSVP date and a contact number should any of the parents need to contact you with questions beforehand.

You should also include any special instructions on the Elmo invitations. For example the party might be the middle of summer and have a pool theme, so you would request that each child brings something to swim in. A simple but highly effective method of making your own Elmo themed invitations is to grab a piece of cardboard and cut as many circles as you can from a single sheet. Obviously the cardboard needs to be red and as large as possible.

Afterwards, it’s as simple as writing all the details of the party on one side of the invitation and making an Elmo face on the other side. We all know that the best Elmo invitations will have lots and lots of red fur on them. You can use any sort of red fabric you like which is easily available in fabric and department stores. Red yarn would be the best prop to use in Elmo invitations. You can use an orange pom-pom for the nose and a piece of black felt for the mouth which is cut into the appropriate shape. For the eyes, you can use those novelty eyes that you find in dress up shops, commonly known as goggle eyes because of the way that the eyes wobble about.

Believe it or not, you can also pick up baby Elmo invitations. These are probably best suited to similarly related occasions like baby showers or a 1st or 2nd birthday party.
This sort of Elmo invitations come in an almost unlimited amount of styles and designs. Some of the invitations you can use have a space to include a photo of yourself or whoever the person of interest is.

Alternatively, if you were reasonably skilled with Photoshop, you could download a template of all your child’s favorite Sesame Street characters and insert an image of them into the middle, giving the impression that they really were a part of the Sesame Street crew. Ramp up the party by giving away goodie bags with Sesame Street and Elmo related merchandise such as Sesame Street Birthday Invitation. Hence, making a good and exciting first impression with Elmo invitations is one sure way to fire up a good kid’s party.