Elmo Birthday Party Supplies

Elmo is children’s favorite TV show character. He is a kind of Muppet, a red furry monster but a cute one that comes in the show Sesame Street. Being a children’s favorite, they love to see them everywhere specially on their birthdays. Elmo birthday party packs are wanted by all parents for their kids.

Themed party like Elmo birthday party has infinite numbers of options as Elmo birthday party supplies and you can easily get options for customized Elmo invitations for your kids. This character is even loved by teenagers.

Important things to keep in mind for planning an Elmo party are Elmo invitations, suitable location and Elmo birthday party supplies that you want to include.

Best-selling Elmo Birthday Party Supplies

Different things that come in the list of Elmo birthday party supplies are:

Thank you notes and Elmo invitations:

There is no better way to send personalized Elmo cards for invitations and as thank you notes

Elmo decoration supplies

  • Elmo balloons: Elmo Mylar balloons as well as normal balloons or foil balloons with Elmo imprinted are a rage with kids. Kids get excited seeing their birthday party decorated with pictures of their favorite character on every item. Balloons are a very easy option for decorating a party and they also look very great.
  • Elmo imprinted plastic table cover- A decorative item and it will help you keep your table top clean from kid’s mess. It will add more color to your party and also enhance your theme.
  • Elmo paper cups – Elmo imprinted plastic cups are versatile enough for using them to serve cold and hot beverages. Cups and glasses form the important part of Elmo birthday party supplies.
  • Elmo centerpiece – To decorate your location for the Elmo themed party and Elmo centerpiece is best bet. This centerpiece will add to your theme and make your place funny too at the same time

Elmo Partyware

  • Elmo dessert plates – Fun for kids to eat seeing their cute Elmo on their plates. They will only end up eating more and you don’t have to run behind them to make them eat.
  • Elmo dinner plates – If you are planning your party for the evening you will also need plates for the dinner.
  • Forks and spoons – Red is the color of cute character Muppet Elmo that’s why to get tuned to party theme these items are also preferred in red.