Elmo Birthday Invitations

Giving invitations is the first step to any party. Elmo invitations are the most inexpensive and creative ideas for a themed party. You have various options for creating them.

Different Methods to Create Elmo Invitations

Custom Made Elmo Birthday invitations

This is the easiest method of all. You can order your invitation cards and you get the option to customize them as you wish. It will save your precious time to prepare other things for the party. It might not be just a card, it can also be something useful like notepad with invitation in front.

Computer designed Elmo birthday invitations

You can also design computerized cards for the invitation. Process of making a good computerized invitation is:

  • Search through the net for a funny Elmo clip art. You will get many options to download it.
  • Set to appropriate page in Word and add margins to it.
  • After that add the clip art that you downloaded.
  • Write important informationneeded to convey with respect to invitation.
    • You may need to crop the image according to the size of invitation card.
  • Add text to add various information.
  • The front part or page of the invitation card may include child’s name and age.
  • Details are important to be mentioned of your party.
    • You can also add some good and funny quotes.
    • After that take a colored print out of it.
    • You can also used colored or butter paper for making the invitation card. This kind of paper will make the invitation card look more colorful and glossy.

Handmade personalized Elmo birthday invitation cards

No other type of card can give an emotional touch than what a handmade card can give to your invitations. This requires a lot of time and dedication. Here’s how to make Elmo cards:


  1. Since Elmo is red colored so you need a red colored construction paper and then cut out Elmo’s head from it.
  2. You can use different colors of construction paper to make different parts of the Elmo’s face like for example – with orange color construction paper you can make his nose , with white and black cuttings you can give shape to his eyes, etc.
  3. Paste the face on a round balloon and paste that on a colored paper folded to form a card and to this Elmo birthday invitation card add the details of the party.